Granite Suppliers in Ontario!

Finding a Stone Dealer for Granite and Granite Slabs – Some Tips


How do you find a granite supplier in Ontario? Start in Toronto! Toronto is one of the biggest importers of granite and granite slabs, and as such can provide the best material and value for you when looking to purchase granite and granite slabs. Although the internet and yellow pages are full of stone dealers, and there are even some big box retailers, with their own inventories you may be wondering where to turn.


Adding the beauty and durability of granite to your home is an investment. It is a luxury stone and its purchase should not be entrusted to a dealer whose chief business is not stone. So write off those big box dealers. Any possible savings you might make with them are more than made up by the help and expertise you will get from a dealer who specializes in granite, and from the quality of the pieces you are getting.


Find an independent dealer who has a good selection of granite on hand, so you can have the advantage – and fun – of choosing among the incredible diverse shades of this stone. Furthermore, find a dealer for whom stone is a vocation and not a job. The difference will show in the quality of advice you receive. Granite tiles and flooring are a lifetime investment and buying them shouldn’t be hurried.


Installation of Your Floor


Another reason to find a Toronto granite supplier in Ontario with whom you can trust and have an extended relationship is the installation of the granite. It’s not a do-it-yourself project, and you are going to need the active assistance of the dealer, or a trusted contractor. It is important to add in the cost of the installation when you calculate your granite purchase, because any or all of the following factors may enter into the equation:

  • furniture removal and or replacement;
  • demolition, removal, and disposal of the old floor covering;
  • preparation of a subfloor;
  • delivery of the product;
  • the actual installation, including materials needed in it; and
  • financing options.

In the long term, the dealer may also be your choice to supervise the maintenance of your new floor or countertop. Granite is tough and durable, but it does require professional resealing once every year or two. Granite is porous and, although a bit of discoloration will add character to the stone, there is always that notorious "big spill”…


Cleaning Granite


In addition to the periodic resealing of your granite floor, there are care steps to be taken. You may discover that the granite – especially if it has been highly polished – is actually slippery. This could be a hazard in a kitchen or bathroom environment where there is water spillage. The solution is to have the surface "honed” or roughened up.


Natural stone can be stained by spills. They should be wiped up with soap. Abrasive or ammonia based cleaners will dull the floor’s lustre.

On a more frequent basis, it is necessary to clean the stone both daily and weekly. Use a clean microfiber cloth. Warm water can be used to wash away any residue and, for soap, use dish or hand soap. Your trusted, Toronto independent granite supplier in Ontario may recommend a stone cleaner, which again can be used once a week.